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Spenco Here2Clear Nail Renewal Therapy

Spenco Here2Clear Nail Renewal Therapy
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Spenco Medical
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Spenco Here2Clear Nail Renewal Therapy

Here2ClearTM Nail Renewal Therapy with 2nd Skin® Technology is a novel, breakthrough technology for use on nails that are dark, discolored, thick and rough on both hands and feet, which is more often than not are the result of nail fungus. An estimated 15 million people suffer from nail discoloration and existing remedies can be toxic, costly and ineffective. Until now, topical medicines painted onto the nail have been ineffective because they do not penetrate the nail. Similarly, oral medications are ineffective due to limited blood supply underneath the nail and are highly toxic to the liver.

Finally, something works!  Here2ClearTM Nail Renewal Therapy is a natural, safe and effective product which can be used to give you healthy, beautiful looking nails again. Here2ClearTM Nail Renewal Therapy utilizes the synergy of water to penetrate the nail plate and nano-silver to restore and beautify the nail at the source. Here2ClearTM Nail Renewal Therapy utilizes a proprietary form of nano-silver, called SilverSol® Technology, which is provided in a gel form that is easy to apply to the nail. Here2ClearTM Nail Renewal Therapy was developed by a physician and is hypoallergenic. Each kit provides sufficient components for 30 applications over 3 consecutive months, after which you will notice thinning and clearing of the affected nail and even new nail growth.

The answer to make your nails beautiful and healthy looking again is to apply the Silver Gel containing SilverSol® Technology. This patented form of nano-silver, has been shown in laboratory studies, even in a low concentration (12 parts per million per application), to kill a broad range of organisms and further possesses the ability to give nails their natural clarity in combination with the 2nd Skin® Moist Pad. While SilverSol® Technology is highly effective at killing organisms, the key to Here2ClearTM Nail Renewal Therapy is the 2nd Skin® Moist Pad, which contains more than 90% water. When applied to the top of the nail to cover the Silver Gel, the 2nd Skin® Moist Pad works to soften the nail plate and thus transports the SilverSol® Technology to the source of the discoloration.
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