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Spenco GEL INSOLE (39-818)

Spenco GEL INSOLE (39-818)
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Spenco Medical
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Spenco GEL INSOLE (39-818)

Spenco Insoles: Energy Activated Gel Insoles 39-818
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Imagine banging the palms of your hands against a hard, unforgiving surface, one hundred times in one day. Sound unbelievable? That's pretty much what you do to your, what are you doing to protect them? If you've never tried Spenco 39-818 Gel Energy Activated Insoles, your feet are in for a major treat.

These thin, cushiony insoles are made with Spenco's exclusive TPR gel, a thermoplastic rubber that softens your steps and returns energy to your feet with a 44% rate of return. A triple-density design helps the insoles absorb shock and give your feet the support they need.

But, the features don't stop there. You'll also get metatarsal arch support that takes pressure off the balls of the feet, and extra heel cushioning that absorbs impact where your feet often hit the ground hardest. The insoles are made with a stability cradle design that's fashioned to support your arches and heels, but still makes it easy to wear shoes.

An antimicrobial top cloth on each insole reduces friction and fights odor-causing bacteria, because you can't be comfortable if your feet are smelly. Spenco 39-818 Gel Energy Activated Insoles are also hand washable, and come with the Spenco unconditional one-year guarantee. Don't beat and bash your feet against the ground - cushion and cradle your steps instead.

One-Year Unconditional Guarantee!

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